3 Foods to Include In the Candida Diet

Once you know that the cause of your digestive distress, lack of energy and skin rashes is Candida overgrowth, you will obviously want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Fortunately, the solution for doing so is not yet another pill or cream from the pharmacy, in the hope that its side effects will not be too bad. Instead, this is literally your opportunity to give your body what it needs to heal itself, by eating the most appropriate foods.

#1-Feel Free To Enjoy Coconuts

One common complaint of people who have recently started a Candida diet is that they miss sugar. Since the Candida overgrowth feeds on sugar, you are likely to crave it constantly, just as you might crave red meat or green, leafy vegetables if your were anemic. Simply put, your body tends to crave what it needs and when the Candida is in charge, it wants the sugar. Therefore, you can’t have any sugar, to starve the Candida.

That means that it is often a pleasant surprise to learn that coconuts in their original form are a great choice for this new food plan. Its natural fats provide anti-bacterial properties and destroy the yeast cells.

#2-Double Up On Your Leafy Green Vegetables

Even if you are not diabetic, leafy green vegetables are a great item to include as part of any healthy meal plan and almost anyone can benefit from a few extra servings of them. However, for Candida sufferers, the benefits are even more significant.
For instance, they have no sugar, so as long as you do not add any sugar to them while cooking or use a sauce with sugar, they can help you feel better, They are high in magnesium, which your body uses to naturally remove toxins like Candida from your system. In addition, it has a lot of vitamin C, which provides invaluable support to your immune system and and healthy amounts of many B vitamins as well, which can help you get some of the energy back that Candida has stolen.

#3-Embrace Organic, Natural Meat

You probably know already that it is common for animals that are bred for food to be given growth hormones to increase their size and antibiotics to ward off or prevent infection. When you eat that meat, your body will then need to digest it and that can be stressful. Some people have been able to track their earliest Candida symptoms back to a time period when they ate a lot of non-organic meats.

Since you do not want extra hormones in your system and the antibiotics can trigger the Candida to get even worse, plan to only use organic, natural meat while you are getting healthy. Remember, every time you deny the Candida something it needs to live and grow, you are getting healthier, so it’s worth it to upgrade your meat.

In conclusion, Candida overgrowth is a serious problem that affects both men and women. However, you can correct the problem and restore your body and health to the way it should be, by choosing to eat foods that will inspire your body to attack and starve off the Candida.

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