5 Tips For A Proper Candida Cleanse

Unfortunately, it is very common to not realize that Candida has taken over your body until the symptoms are almost overwhelming. Obviously, you want to get rid of the overgrowth as quickly as you can and that will involve the use of both a new diet and appropriate supplements. However, before doing so, a cleanse is a great way to jump-start your recovery in as little as three days.

#1-Decide Whether You Want A Liquid Only Diet

It is important to remember that Candida often hides in the colon, so your cleanse should focus primarily on techniques that allow you to clean out your colon. In order to do so, you can choose to go the entire time of your cleanse with only liquids or you can break up a primarily liquid diet with salads and certain vegetables. It is a good idea to talk with your doctor, before starting your cleanse, especially if you are diabetic or have any other issues that could be worsened by avoiding food for days at a time.

#2-Know What You Can And Cannot Eat And Drink During The Cleanse

Salads with raw vegetables and steamed vegetables are permitted. However, do not include any starchy vegetables. They can turn to sugar in your bloodstream after being digested, which only makes the Candida increase. Drinking just water or vegetable broths made with with no sugar, preservatives or salt is also an acceptable choice for your cleanse.

#3-Plan The Cleanse Around Your Life

If you choose to avoid all food for the duration of your cleanse, be sure to plan accordingly. The process of avoiding all foods is often more physically challenging than you may think, so it is a good idea to start the process over a long weekend. You will probably feel tired, achy and early on, quite hungry, which could easily impact your ability to focus or work as you normally would. The typical cleanse will take 3-10 days.

#4-Up Your Fiber Intake

Since the goal of your cleanse is to clean out your goal of the Candida that has accumulated in it, you want to get the colon moving. Unfortunately, you may find that you are a bit constipated, especially the first day or two on the cleanse. As a result, it is a good idea to introduce some extra fiber into your diet to give your body the jump-start it needs. You can use any fiber that does not contain sugar, salt or unnecessary preservatives and you should plan to start off with low doses, to avoid digestive distress.

#5-Choose A Good Multi-vitamin

It is easy to develop nutritional deficiencies while the yeast is still active in your system, since it causes you to crave sugar-based foods that it thrives off of. In addition, while doing the cleanse, whether you choose to go only on a liquid diet or you choose to include salads and vegetables, it is obvious that you will not be eating a balanced diet. Fortunately, you can choose a good multi-vitamin that is high in B vitamins, that supply energy and powerful anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E.

In conclusion, a Candida cleanse is a great way to quickly force the Candida overgrowth to die off. However, it can be a challenging time period and it is essential to plan for it accordingly.

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