Can Candida Be the Cause of Nose Pain?

Candida is sneaky and appears in different ways. Depending on the severity of your overgrowth and your symptoms, you may be able to attribute your nose pain to the candida. The pain may occur as the result of chronic sinus infections and congestion, dry skin in and outside the nose or even middle ear-infections. Since your sinuses, nose and ears are so close to one another, it is easy to think that you feel pain in one area is actually in another. Similarly, you may also note that chronic pain, such as that experienced from a sinus infection, can spread over time.

What Kind Of Nose Pain Does Candida Cause?

Since the reaction that you have to Candida may not be as bad as that of another person and since there are variables that can impact the severity of your symptoms, there may be an enormous difference between your pain and that of another person. Your discomfort could also be mild and worsen after temperature changes or increased allergens in the air.

It could also be throbbing pain or present as itching within the ear, nose or sinus cavity that you cannot seem to get rid of. In many cases, that is literally the Candida making its presence known or an allergic reaction to the yeast. One of the most important factors about your nose pain to consider is that as the candida infestation gets worse, your pain may be felt more often and as discussed below, may get worse over time.

Will The Pain Get Worse—And Why?

Logically, when the candida has spent more time in your body, your symptoms, including nose pain, will get worse. Unfortunately, the pain is not necessarily due only to the candida.
The problem is likely to be the result of your candida overgrowth, since chronic sinus infections are so common for candida sufferers. Due to the fact that most physicians will prescribe antibiotics to treat a sinus infection and sinus infections are known to be difficult to treat for many people, it is not uncommon for people to try numerous medications before realizing that what they are doing is not helping.

When you understand that the antibiotics can further throw off your system and create an even better environment for candida to flourish, your nose pain suddenly makes a lot more sense.

So, Evict The Candida From Your System

Instead of living with your pain and knowing that it will only continue to worsen, plan for a cleanse, diet and supplement plan to restore your health. In the future, when someone gives you antibiotics, be sure that you need it. Some physicians are still providing antibiotics when there is no evidence of a bacterial infection, which results in your body being a great environment for candida to return to.

Finally, recovering from candida may not be easy to recover, but it will certainly be easier than spending the rest of your life never feeling truly well, and without candida treatment, that is probable.

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