Does Killing Candida Release Mercury?

Although candida is obviously a significant problem for many people and mercury poisoning can be deadly, the association between the two is different than what some people think. Unfortunately, the two issues do share some symptoms and therefore, it is especially important to understand that the killing of candida is only a good thing. There is no actual evidence that establishes a link between doing so and the release of mercury.

Understanding The Truth About Mercury

With that being said, there is evidence to suggest that one trigger for the development of candida could be the existence of mercury in your system. It is often shocking to learn that as of 2015, there are many countries where the use of mercury for dental fillings is illegal and many others where it will become illegal in the near future, due to the variety of health problems that mercury is associated with. Given that information, it is not surprising that the presence of mercury filling in your body, especially if you have had them for a while, is a major health concern for many individuals. Sadly, mercury fillings are legal and common in the United States.

As a result, it is not the killing of the candida that causes a problem with the mercury. Instead, it is much more likely to simply be the presence of the mercury in your body for any reason, in the first place. In addition, there is some evidence that provides a clear link between mercury and candida, as it is thought that candida may be able to gain nourishment from the mercury, allowing candida to grow and spread. In that instance, you would need to have the fillings you already have removed and replaced with safer ones, in addition to the cleanse, diet plan and supplements that are needed to completely destroy the candida.

Dispelling the Myths

By now, you probably know that when your body is overrun with candida, you will usually notice symptoms like a lack of energy, problems getting to and staying asleep, chronic infections, skin irritation, memory problems and even mood changes. It is terrifying to note that chronic mercury poisoning symptoms can be very similar and include fatigue, insomnia and difficulty remembering things.

It is also important to note that one prevalent theory about how mercury impacts your immune system focuses on the fact that mercury steals nutrients and other important aspects that your immune system needs to function. Specifically, it is thought that once heavy metals, including mercury, are present in your body and not safely contained within uncontaminated and intact fillings, your immune system can quickly become impaired.

When significant amounts of heavy metal are present, your immune cells no longer function es they should, since the mercury will use the nutrients and oxygen that the immune cells need to be healthy. Soon after, your immune system falters and candida finds a home.

Regardless of why mercury causes the problem, the link between the two has been well-documented. Removing the candida does not trigger mercury poisoning, but the presence of mercury can cause candida to multiply. As a result, it is crucial to remove the mercury before beginning your plan to destroy the candida.

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