What is Galactooligosaccharide and How Does it Impact Candida?

What is Galactooligosaccharide and How Does It Impact Candida?

Prebiotics are ingredients in food or occasionally, supplements that benefit the user because they help to increase the amount of helpful bacteria in the colon. Since candida is known to linger and exist unnoticed for long periods of time within the colon, prebiotics are an ideal tool in the arsenal against candida infestation.

#1 Reason to Supplement With Galactooligosaccharide

Specifically, Galactooligosaccharide, known as GOS, is particularly useful in this battle since it is resistant to breakdown by saliva and the enzymes found within the intestinal tract. As a result, GOS is likely to reach the end of the intestine primarily intact and able to improve the function of your immune and digestive systems. In this context, it will be very helpful to remember that your intestine contains no less than 300 different types of bacteria, many of which are necessary for your continued good health. 

#2 Reason for GOS- Improve The function of Your Immune System

You may have noticed that one of the most significant concerns when candida overgrowth in your body has occurred is your immune system. That is primarily due to the fact that it is better to encourage your own system to fight the candida through improved nutrition and a strengthened immune system than it is to do so in other, often less successful ways.

Therefore, GOS is a great addition to any food or dietary plan, since it is helpful in boosting the normal function of your immune system.

#3-Reason You Need GOS-Increase Your Body’s Ability to Absorb Essential Nutrients

It is often surprising to learn that the human body cannot necessarily absorb all of the nutrients it needs, even if the body is desperately in need of those nutrients at the time. For example, calcium needs vitamin D in order to be processed. If your body has been attacked by candida for a while, it may literally not be healthy enough or in adequate condition to remove the nutrients that you need from the food that you eat without assistance.

The solution is the use of GOS. Its continued use permits your body to work more as it should and become healthier due to your renewed ability to pull adequate nutrition from food and supplements. 

Interesting Facts About GOS

As previously mentioned, GOS is simply one type of very helpful prebiotics. Although it is not yet commonly known to adults, it is frequently found in infant formulas due to its unique attributes. It is a good idea to consider that infants are known to be prone to digestive problems. In addition, virtually everyone knows how critical the first year of life for an infant and their immune system is. By extension, it is only logical that since GOS is appropriate for infants with a delicate system, GOS would also be useful for adults whose bodies have been ravaged by candida.

When planning for a healthier future, a combination of the right cleanse to start your experience, appropriate foods, great supplements and an effective prebiotic will all play a crucial role in your healthier, happier and more energetic future.

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